A Legacy of Caring: 100 Years of Dr. John Bastyr

Bastyr University

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Our Approach

Your health isn't like anyone else's. You are not defined by your condition or disease, you are a person with a unique personal and medical history. We recognize this, and we strive to provide care that is designed uniquely for you. We individualize every single patient's treatment to fit their health condition, goals, and lifestyle.

Digging Deeper

Our focus is to provide extraordinary care, not simply treat the physical symptoms. A naturopathic doctor may use all forms of health care, from conventional medication to alternative therapies, to treat you. However, instead of being treated solely with medications, we look at all the potential factors that may be causing your condition. The treatment plan may involve natural therapies to relieve symptoms, and the doctor may also use other interventions to prevent any further occurrence. As you can imagine, digging deeper to determine the underlying cause takes time, and your visit is likely to be more extensive than any other physician's appointment you've experienced in the past.

A Healing Environment

Naturopath On-Call is designed to provide the most comfortable setting possible, like "YOUR OWN HOME". A place to support your healing and well-being. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where our Clients feel valued, relaxed, and understood.

Our Story

We believe preventative, integrative care to be an important part of living a full and healthy life. That's why we provide a virtual and on-demand care platform enabling Holistic Healthcare Providers and nurses to lead consumer focused care outside of the hospital and clinical setting, utilizing team-based virtual clinic technology for all clients to enjoy regardless of their financial status or geographical location.

Our Specialties

Insomnia, chronic pain, digestive disturbances, thyroid/adrenal struggles, difficulty losing weight, low energy, mood troubles, or just feeling dissatisfied with your current state of health. We also take interest in acute symptoms and client advocacy. We pride ourselves in Nootropic  research and management. LGBT health issues and transgender care.Cardiac and hypertension

Naturopath Services Offered

Botanical Medicine
Plant-based supplements, tinctures, and topical applications that assist the body in healing. These may include either western or oriental herbal formulas with time-honored traditional healing applications for various symptoms and conditions.

Gentle, effective therapy that uses a micro-amount of natural substances to promote a beneficial healing response.

Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional supplementation, dietary assessment, and advice in making the best food choices based on your unique health history and individual needs.

Lifestyle Counseling
Help in making new choices that are healthier for you physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Nootropics Specialist

If you feel you could be smarter or faster to solve problems, feel more comfortable in social situations, or just have a better sense of well-being, you may benefit from nootropics. Naturopath On-Call helps clients improve their brain chemistry and live their best lives with customized care including nootropics.

Holistic Health Nursing

Holistic Health Nursing involves an integration of traditional nursing practice and theory with various complementary therapy modalities, such as massage, music, touch therapy, meditation and aromatherapy.

At the heart of holistic nursing is the philosophy of holism, which emphasizes the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of the whole individual rather than isolating, studying and treating only the component parts. By taking a whole person approach to patient care, holistic nursing addresses the spiritual, emotional and physical concerns and needs of each person. Holistic nursing also encourages nurses to take care of themselves and each other, which fosters a healing environment that benefits staff as well as patients and their families.

Nursing Care Management

Congestive Heart Failure


Chronic Pain





Patient Advocates

Feeling lost in the system, angry or confused? Because no one is listening to you? Frightened about what may happen? Doing everything the doctors tell you and still not improving? Just received a new and frightening diagnosis?

We provide health and wellness coaching – we teach you and your family about the relationship of your current illness to your whole medical history:  illness doesn’t happen in a vacuum. A more in-depth understanding can lead to better health overall. We teach you and your family how to be more effective health advocates for yourself by helping you ask the right questions and understand the answers that follow.

We facilitate the course of your medical treatment, ensuring good communication between all your doctors and therapists.  This helps to prevent medical errors and save costs for unnecessary procedures.


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