About our virtual Office

Access your naturopathic  care or specialist from home via a teleHealth (virtual) platform. Our Telehealth offerings are a natural extension of our promise to deliver high quality, integrative, truly patient-centered care. Telehealth can not only improve health outcomes, but is more convenient and accessible for patients. You can use your naturopathic Telehealth visits for follow-ups, urgent care needs, or even for your first meeting with your doctor, provided a physical exam is not required. If, during your visit, the doctor determines you are in need of emergency care, a physical exam, or something else we cannot provide for virtually, they will direct you to the appropriate setting and you are still responsible for the virtual visit. The FAQ page answers some common questions about our service.

Start now for free!

If you'd like to schedule a free introductory 10 minute consult to see if we are a good fit to work together, no problem! Just click on this link to schedule your first introductory appointment. There are no strings attached and zero risk, after all it's FREE!

Who it’s for:

Those looking for a step-by-step, how-to plan to address your health questions will need more than a quick email answer. In this case, the Initial Health Strategy Session is what you if...

  • You’re struggling with a health issue and don’t know where to turn for answers.
  • You used to be extremely healthy, but life has gotten in the way and you’re not sure how to get back on track.
  • You’re ready to make lasting improvements to your life, but don’t know where to begin.

How it works:

1. Begin by contacting us below with your story (symptoms, health goals, and expectations) or by scheduling a free 10 minute introductory phone consult.

2. If you enjoy our introduction, we will email you the intake paperwork necessary to book your first appointment. (All appointments must be paid in full at the time of scheduling.)

3. Next, you'll return your completed intake form and any other information you’d like me to review at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. All this information will automatically be entered into your personal Client Portal, which you can access 24/7.

4. During our session, I’ll answer your questions and provide advice on what I believe can improve your health. The suggestions I make may include a personalized diet, exercise recommendations, supplement protocol, stress management techniques, lifestyle changes, suggestions for further testing or a combination of all of the above. You’ll walk away with clear answers and actionable steps for improving your health right away.

5. After your Initial Health Strategy Session, we will have set up a personalized plan for you. So if you would like help staying on track at any time, the Coaching staff will be available to help you put your plan into action or answer any other questions you might have about your personalized plan.

FYI... TeleHealth is a vehicle of delivery for healthcare services, not the healthcare service itself. As a delivery method, it has limitations on what the provider can do during the visit. If your provider determines that you need a physical exam or more urgent physical care, they may refer you to an urgent care clinic, an ER, or another office visit. You are still financially responsible for the time you booked virtually with your provider.

Fee's for Telehealth Service

Your initial Health Strategy Session (60 min.) - $ 165

Telehealth 45 minute follow up -  $ 90

Telehealth 30 minute follow up -  $ 75

Telehealth 15 minute follow up -  $ 30